3 ways to reward staff this Christmas

Get creative when rewarding staff


It’s nearly Christmas, and a good time to be considering all the ways you can reward staff for all their hard work.  Whilst it is commonplace to arrange an office party – or even offer a little bonus – employees are much more motivated when you find creative ways to reward them at Christmas. 

A decade ago, simple perks such as a good salary and decent wine at the office party, was enough to keep employees loyal to the company.  Over 34% of employees list company perks as an important factor when joining a company. This means employers need to become increasingly creative when deciding what perks to offer. Whilst it is easy to dismiss offering additional benefits. Taking care of your employees is proven to increase productivity and attract the best talent – placing you ahead of the competition.

So here are 3 ways you can reward your employees this Christmas.

Reward #1 Vouchers 

A bonus is great but often gets swallowed by household expenses. However, vouchers or even a pre-loaded mastercard can feel more like a gift to spend on something special.  There may be certain legal and tax benefits for offering a bonus in this way too. If you have always offered a cash bonus, then do take legal advice before making a change.  However, if you are looking for something to offer your employees as a one-off thank you, then this can be a good place to start.

You could even offer additional time off to shop for Christmas too. 

Reward #2 Advent Calendar.

If you want a way to make sure that employees are extra motivated, why not have an advent calendar stuffed full of goodies? 

Just draw a name from a hat so an employee can open a door. You can adopt the idea to boost ales or as productivity prizes for a little fun -and increased income all around – before the Christmas holidays.   66% of employees prefer spontaneous, personalised rewards for performance, and being able to win fun prizes will really see your productivity soar.

The sky is the limit in respect of prizes, which could range from a bottle of Aldi fizz and Hampers to the latest in technology such as an Ipad. 

Reward #3 Give them great memories

Employees today are focused on experiences as perks rather than money, so it pays to think beyond Christmas to what would keep them motivated well into the next financial year.  Additional annual leave can be granted as a reward, as can team experiences to the Safari for something a little out of the ordinary. 

However, for a gift that keeps giving all year round,  you could offer them new friends, rich experiences and great memories all year round with Social Circle. Social Circle can work with you to increase your employees sense of well-being by boosting their confidence and relationships outside of work, and arranging events everyday that will cater to a diverse range of personalities and interests. Imagine Nigel in Accounts signing up for that after-work salsa class or the sales team networking with other local businesses whilst they make a Christmas wreath?  

Remember an employee is for life not just for Christmas.*

You can help all your employees dreams come true from just £1 per employee, per day.

Happy Christmas

*Sorry, not sorry.